MAKE A SPLASH at your next party – surprise your guests with waterproof face & body painting in CT, MA, or RI!

waterproof face paint photoSurprise your friends and offer something no one else does! Kaleidoscope is proud to be the only company serving all of CT, MA, and RI with waterproof face & body painting. Our face painters would love to entertain the kids and adults at  you next pool or beach party. Our waterproof, smudge-proof  cosmetics use only FDA-approved ingredients and are easily removable with soap or oils.

Most of our face and body paints are water-soluble which is great for clients looking for something to take off quickly at the end of the day. But because they come off so easily, they fail in the face of pools, lakes, or even sprinklers!

Waterproof face paint is an awesome alternative to our regular safe face paint, and comes in almost all of the designs kids love.


water proof faces

Safety & Removal

Kaleidoscope is committed to providing only the best experience possible for our clients and their party guests. Because of that, we wanted to include all of the information we could on this awesome new product.


Method 1:  Start with a dry face. Use some hand soap and create a thick layer of foam all over the area. Foam and foam and foam, then remove the foamy soap (and the paint!) with an old towel or paper towel. (Waterproof face paint may stain fabrics, so use a towel you don’t care about.) You might have to repeat this once or twice. If some colors linger on the skin, the natural oils of your face will lift them out, so give it another shot later in the day or before school in the morning.

Method 2: Again, start with a dry face or body. Apply some makeup remover, baby oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil onto an old towel or paper towel. Use the oily towel to lift of the paint off the skin. You don’t have to scrub–just take it off like you would make up with a few swipes. Again, you  might have to repeat once or twice. If some colors linger on skin, try them again in a few hours or the next morning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.09.52 PMINGREDIENTS AND ALLERGENS

The products we use are made only with FDA-approved ingredients and are cosmetic grade. They are scented, so are not advised for anyone with a fragrance allergy. Although the FDA doesn’t currently inspect face paints, we have acquired a certificate from the Consumer Protection Safety Commission stating that it’s passed their standards, as well as the standards set by the EU. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Our waterproof face paints are safe for all ages, but because of the foaming soaps and oils you need to remove them, we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting them on anyone younger than four or five. They may take two or three tries to remove it, and the littlest party-goers just don’t have the patience! Our face painters will always bring along our normal face paints are water soluble for easy removal, so younger guests will always be offered that as an option. We know parents will appreciate it!