Costuming & FX

Looking for a body painter to help with your theatre production, haunted house, or cosplay? Or maybe special entertainment for your bar, club, or company party? Our body painters and special fx artists in CT will hook you up! Professional body painters will make sure your costumes looks perfect and, more often than not, hiring a professional body painter or special fx artist doesn’t cost too much more than buying the start up supplies you’d need to do it yourself.
Here is a partial list of services we offer for body painting costuming and fx:
  • basic airbrush color
  • faux-muscles and anatomical enhancement
  • vinyl, latex, or trompe l’eoil scales
  • zombies for every budget
  • faux tattoos
  • bald caps and cowls
  • horns and prosthetics
  • faux wounds and injuries
  • character-specific / cosplay body painting
  • painted-on clothes

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