Stilt Walkers

Stilt walker are fun, eye-catching additions to any event. Whether they’re juggling, balloon twisting, or just handing out promotional materials for your brand, our stilt walkers have customizable costumes and are perfect for mixed-age events.


What can they do? Our stilt walkers can balloon twist, take photos, invite guests to your event, juggle, clown, or do poi.

What do they wear? Our stilt walkers come in colorful outfits we fine fit most family events. Custom outfits start at $250 but can be created to any specifications you have.

What do they need from us? Our stilt walkers need a 15min break for every 90min they work, but besides that, they come with everything they need!


EVENTS – Stilt walkers can be seen from a ways away, but have limited ways to interact with those close to them. They provide a great atmosphere, like our giant puppets, so we recommend them for any large parties and events. If they’re the sole entertainer at your smaller party however, we suggest going with a normally-sized clown or balloon twister since they can interact with your crowd a little more personally.

AGES – Kids love stilt walkers! Adults have undoubtably seen them before, so we like to use stilt walkers most for family events. If you want that larger-than-life feeling for adult parties, check out our giant puppets.



Stilt walkers are $150/hr with a 1.5hr minimum.