Mermaid Entertainers

Add some beauty, elegance, and fantasy to your next event with our mermaid entertainers. Our mermaid entertainers can sing, do temporary tattoos, hand out any number of promotional materials, splash around in water, or anything else you could want!


What are the mermaid tails made out of? Can they swim? Can they get wet? Our mermaid tails are made out of spandex and have useable mono fins at the base so they are VERY swimmable! Each model has had her fin custom-sized and created for her, so the thinness of the body-con design will allow guests to see the outline of their legs and make them look all the more realistic.

Can the mermaids walk in the tail? Because of the swimmable mono fin, they cannot walk in them. We require each mermaid to come with a prince or pirate to carry them in and out unless you plan on having them stationary for an entire event. (Either way, it’s up to you.)

Can you provide the water or a tank for them? We’ve looked into this, but unfortunately for the size /  weight of what we would need for a tank, we would run the risk of collapsing the floor in some venues. (Never mind transportation or set up.) Because of this, we recommend using a built-in pool or body of water, or placing our mermaid entertainers on a table / stage area.

What can the mermaids do? Most of our clients have used them to meet and take photos with children (or adults), but many have placed our mermaids on tables to hand out cocktails, Hors D’oeuvre, or even just promotional materials. And, of course, they’d love to splash around in water for you!


EVENTS – We’ve seen them used mostly popularly at kids events to add a bit of fantasy and magic, or in the opposite way: at high-class adult events. They’re mystical and beautiful, so however you’d like to use them is up to you!

AGES – Children, teens, and adults all react to our unique mermaid entertainers. That said, they are huge crowd-pleases to primarily young girls or adults of any gender.


Mermaid entertainers are $150/hr for the model and costume with a 2hr minimum. Unless you plan on having them stationary at the event from beginning to end, however, we need a prince or pirate to carry them, as well as escort them. Each prince or pirate is $125/hr. A per-person travel fee may be required.