Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are growing in popularity! Henna tattoos are found where traditional, grown-up art meets glamorous with a care-free-spirit touch. From festivals to corporate events, they’re great for everyone from adults to tweens. Use traditional patterns and pastes, or let us bling it out with any number of trendy designs!


What are henna tattoos? Henna “tattoos” are traditional south-asian body art. The henna plant is dried out, powdered, then rehydrated with a mix of water, essential oils, and lemon juice to a thick paste. We then apply the paste through a cone (like a cake-icing bag) onto your skin. As it the decorative paste dries out again, the henna dye sinks into the top layer of your skin and temporarily dyes a very thin layer of skin a deep red-brown. They last as long as that top lawyer of skin does, making them our longest lasting tattoo!

Wait, I need to keep paste on my hand? Yup–but we like to jazz it up with glitter 😉 Here’s the idea: using a cone of henna paste, we free-hand the intricate designs onto your skin. The paste takes about 30 minutes to dry, during which you can’t smudge it! For the next few hours you’ll keep the paste on you as it sinks into the top level of your skin, and before you to go bed at night, you can flake it off over a sink or toilet.  (While you’re busy keeping it on, the paste is still beautiful looking, we promise.) When you first flake off the dried-up paste, your tattoo will appear bright red-orange. By the next morning, you’ll have a beautiful deep-red/brown tattoo to show off! (Below, you’ll see two images: freshly-applied paste and the day after.)


Is it safe? We use only Jamila Henna Powder, imported straight from Pakistan and made of the highest quality (and non-chemical) ingredients. Unfortunately henna ingredients are not FDA-screened, so we use only this reputable manufacturer, known for their high-quality product.

How long do they last? It’s pretty simple: leave on the paste as long as possible, then you’re good to go for 2-4 weeks! Check out this handy guide for even more details. Henna cannot be removed easily because it dyes the top layers of your skin, but exfoliating the area regularly will shorten how long it remains on your skin.


EVENTS – Henna is awesome for any tween, teen, or adult event. Because the paste needs to stay dry, we strongly encourage other types of tattoos at pool parties or parties where guests are likely to get wet. They may also smudge in night clubs or anywhere with a lot of moving/sweating. Besides that however, they’re a smash hit at bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, weddings, graduations, tween or teen birthdays, and anywhere else!

AGES – Ages 10+. We generally will not put henna on anyone younger than ten because of long drying time and it’s potential to stain clothes. However, it is GREAT for Sweet 16 birthdays, clubs, baby showers, maternity bellies, and anywhere else adults want a unique and classy temporary tattoo!



Our henna tattoo artists are generally $135/hr with a 1.5hr minimum and may have a small travel fee depending on your location. To calculate how much time (and how many artists you may need):

  • One artist can get through about 8 large designs in an hour
  • One artist can get through about 10-12 medium designs in an hour *this is normally where most designs fall under
  • One artist can get through about 12-15 small designs in an hour
  • We can generally provide up to 5 artists for any number of hours at your party