Flash Tattoos

flash-tattoo-w540Flash tattoos are the hottest trend of Summer 2015 – from high-budget fundraisers to sweet sixteens and festivals. Elegant and youthful at the same time, flash tattoos are one of the most sought-after temporary tattoos at any event!


How are they applied? Similar to stick-on-tattoos from the 80’s and 90’s, these just go on with a sponge and water. But their metallic sheen makes them look like jewelry!

Are they safe? No allergens here! Just regular temporary tattoos, plus water. (Although they have FDA-approved adhesives, we have yet to encounter anyone with an adhesive allergy sensitive enough to react to these.)

How long do they last? Flash tattoos last 2-4 days and are waterproof, or easily removed with soap and water and scrubbing.


EVENTS – Summer events or up-scale galas! Flash tattoos are meant to be shown off. They look great on bare summer skin, and sparkle at any formal event like jewelry. They can be applied anywhere but look best on arms, chests (like necklaces) or backs since they resemble jewelry so much.

AGES – Even little kids love flash tattoos! (They’re also super easy to put on your littlest, wiggliest guests.) That said, tweens and teens go wild for them. Adults usually love them more than other temporary tattoo types because of how dressed-up they look, so these are really great for all ages!



Flash tattoo artists are $135/hr with a 1.5hr minimum and a travel fee may apply. 15-20 flash tattoos can be applied per hour per artist.