Fine Art Body Painting

Looking to add body painting to your fine art event? Live painting, sculptural pieces, performance art, prints & canvases, and instillations are just a few of the many options our body painters can offer your gallery or studio.

Kaleidoscope’s head artist and owner Marissa began professionally showing her work in 2007 at the age of 17, and has been consistently working with galleries and studios to offer body painting at a variety of openings. For a copy of her CV please contact our office. Additionally, here are a few of the ways Kaleidoscope has transformed painting to give you an idea of what body painting can do to any fine art event.

208836_10152668068990258_1155209841_n2011 – North American Body Painting Championship, Dallas, TX: A focus on entertainment

At the North American Body Painting Championship (Dallas, TX) Marissa made her debut as a body painter along side master body painter Melissa Domogala (now Bertrand). Together, the two placed Top 10 in a competition that involved public / live painting, photography sessions, and a choreographed runway show.

2011 – Chen Gallery, CCSU: Where the audience became art

At a student show, Marissa culminated her academic career with a live, six-hour body painting followed by free face/body painting for event attendees. The interaction between the viewer and the art is a focus in Marissa’s body painting.

2012 – New Britain Artists Co-Op: Where the artist created her audience

At a show specifically for painters, Marissa painted a model to answer the question: who is art made for? Placed in a window in downtown New Britain, the model and the artist answered questions for passer by’s and encouraged audience participation. Again, the shared experience of the artist, model, and view is central in Marissa’s work.

971369_10152820058775258_2092788008_n2013 – Angels en la Casa, Art Space, Hartford: Taking art home

Marissa took second place at a group show of over 100 pieces and 40 artists for her live body painting at the Art Space show curated by Robin Rice. The models alternated between being painted into a gold background for photos and walking around to engage with guests. Guests were encouraged to take photos of the models as well as photos with the models. In this way, guests were invited to not only experience the art momentarily but take it home with them, for free.

2013 – Harvest the Arts Festival: Life in the fishbowl

Kaleidoscope and Marissa were hired as a central art at Southington’s Harvest the Arts Festival where more than 10,000 on-lookers watched Marissa paint live in a window. This “fishbowl effect” allowed guests to watch Marissa work for an extended period of time without feeling as if they should “move on” or “stop looking over her shoulder”.

2013 – Bare Bones Studio & Gallery: A variety show

Marissa’s first solo show focused on the breadth of body painting: from sculptural painted mannequins to traditional prints and canvases to a live artist, covered in a woven-balloon-dress and set up a pedestal. The show was the largest in Bare Bones’ history.

10583953_679545068781031_1613449641294325820_n2014 – Bovano Grand Closing: Modesty at a family event

The grand closing of a high-end craft studio (who was moving to exclusively online distribution) was slated to be a large, family-oriented art event. To help draw crowds, Kaleidoscope artists Marissa & Kyle had to create a fun, classical piece that was totally modest. Combining textiles, airbrush, stencils, hand-painted elements, and FX, Marissa & Kyle created a modern, Greco-Roman body painting that both reflected the high-end nature of the client and the edginess they were hoping for.