Caricatures are the entertainment that kids and adults have seen before but never purchased for themselves. High-value and a reasonably-priced, they’re a great way to draw people to your festival booth, engage new customers, creatively capture your wedding, or have your employees remember your company picnic for ever.



What are caricatures? There are a few fun ways to explain them, but in essence, really fun cartoons of your party guests! Check out our caricature artists’ answers on this blog post.

How popular are they? SUPER popular. We have had party guests wait in line as long as 2hrs to get their caricatures done. However, long lines can be avoided with multiple caricature artists. Read some more here about what to expect with multiple caricature artists at your event.

Can guests keep the caricatures? Of course! Guests can keep their drawings and, because they’re on archival-quality paper done with acid-free markers, they should last decades. And, if we’re illustrating for your corporate function, we can add the details of your event so the caricatures double as business cards your clients will frame. Read more about why we love caricatures for corporate events.



EVENTS – Caricatures are a hit at family events! They’re a great way to reward employees or draw in new clients. That said, the silliness and fun of caricatures may not fit a more up-scale event, although they are certain to be enjoyed anywhere.

AGES – Caricatures are a great way to capture a memory and are great keepsakes. Parents love having caricatures done of them or their kids (couples too) but kids under 5 can get bored sitting for something they can’t see. Caricatures may not be a perfect fit for young birthday parties, but for family events they’re usually the hit of the party.





Caricatures are $150/hr with a 1.5hr minimum, pricing them in the middle of all of our entertainment types. A travel fee outside of Central CT will apply.