Balloon Dresses

1471787_10152451853888345_1230663369_nOnly a handful of artists in the US can create balloon sculptures like this! Wearable balloon dresses are available for photo shoots, corporate promotions, brand events, fashion or art galas, and anything else you could want.


How long do dresses take to make? Anywhere from 6hrs to 20hrs, depending on what you want.

Can the model get in and out of the dress? Yes, pretty easily. But the risk of popping parts of the dress rises every time someone gets in or out, so we try to avoid it.

Can they sit in the dress? This depends on the dress type. A cocktail dress can be worn somewhat normally without it being popped, but a wedding-sized dress (or something more intricate) is hard to sit in.

How long do they last? Easily 48hrs, and some have lasted way longer, but if the models is walking around a room or outside, the balloons may start (unnoticeably) popping within a few hours. Because of this, we recommend keeping one of our balloon twisters on-hand at an event to quickly repair any minor holes.

Do you provide the models? We prefer to, yes. Otherwise, if someone for your team will be wearing the dress, please make sure they are in contact with our balloon twisters well before the event. Our balloon twisters need to know their dimensions and discuss appropriate undergarments with them ahead of time. They may also have to be around while the dress is getting twisted up to 24hr in advanced.

Anything else we should know? Because the balloons are primarily trapped air held tightly against a human body, they heat up really fast. Balloon models should be kept in an air conditioned space to avoid overheating or having the balloons pop prematurely.


EVENTS – Some of the most unique places to showcase balloon dresses are art galleries, live performances, anything with a catwalk, or on cocktail waitresses. Other than that, they can be at any indoor (temperature controlled) event.

AGES – Kids are drawn to balloon dresses like moths, but unfortunately for larger dresses (anything floor-length or larger) this can be unsafe for the model since they’re hard to navigate in. We recommend balloon dresses to be worn by adults at events which are primarily adults or with well-supervised children.



We charge per hour of twisting at our full rate ($150/hr) and having one of our balloon twisters on-site at an event at a discounted $75/hr. We can quote you based on either (A) your max budget or (B) your dress preferences. Models are also available at $135/hr live and $75/hr if we need them to be present during the dress twisting. (The later depends on the dress style and size.)