Body Paint: Airbrush vs. Hand Painting

Airbrush-vs.-Hand-Paint-1-510x510We’re loving this new blog post from the PaintPal blog! As Halloween approaches, a lot of our clients are calling for everything from detailed sugar skull face painting, total-body-painting Mystique, and basically anything else you can think of.

However, we get a lot of questions specifically for airbrush body painters. In fact, we’ve lost clients because they only want airbrush for their body painting project, even when we recommend hand painting.

What are the pros and cons of airbrush verses hand painted body painting? For everyone in the industry, we highly recommend the PaintPal post. For our clients, here’s why we might make one recommendation over the other.

We’ll choose airbrushing for:

  • If we’re using a load of silicone or prosthetics, airbrush is great. It covers easily and quickly.
  • The shading is awesome. So if you’re looking to get a over-night six pack, we’ll bust out the airbrushes!
  • Airbrush makeups are also waterproof. For body painting when you plan on jumping in a pool, we can bust out the silicone or alcohol based stuff.

We’ll choose hand paint body painting for:

  • All face painting
  • Anything on your face (trust us on this)
  • The Price! You can expect to pay at least $100 more on any airbrush body paint because of how much our products cost us.

And finally: “Won’t this take longer without an airbrush?”

Nope! Although this is our most common question, neither is necessarily faster. If we need to switch colors faster, the airbrush may actually be slower because you have to clean them out thoroughly.