Costuming & FX

Looking for a body painter to help with your theatre production, haunted house, or cosplay? Or maybe special entertainment for your bar, club, or company party? Our body painters and special fx artists in CT will hook you up! Professional body painters will make sure your costumes looks perfect and, more often than not, hiring a professional body painter or special fx artist doesn’t cost too much more than buying the start up supplies you’d need to do it yourself.

All appointments are done in our Hartford, CT studio. 

Partial Painting Sample Prices

  • Face paint (no latex or prosthetics) – $25-50
  • Face paint + neck – $30-55
  • Arm painting (per arm, shoulder-to-fingers) – $25-150 / arm
  • Leg painting (per leg, hip-to-toes) – $50-200 / leg
  • Back painting (wings, fake tattoos, etc) – $50-200
  • Torso clothing painting (corset, bra, fake tshirt) – $100-200
  • Legs clothing painting (jeans, shorts, mermaid fins) – $125-250
  • Sleeve of airbrush tattoos – $50 / arm

Special FX Sample Prices

  • All custom work – per piece, min. 1month notice
  • Old age makeup (makeup + latex for FACE only) – $70
  • Old age makeup (makeup + latex for BOTH HANDS only) – $70
  • Bald cap (doesn’t include additional makeup) – $100
  • Beauty makeup (from creative eye designs to full-bridal makeup)  – $50-150
  • Fake hair (facial hair, wig creation, etc) – $50-200
  • Muscle contour (fake abs, bicepts, etc using airbrush) – $50-150

Full-Body Painting Sample Prices

  • Full body painting (per hour) – $125/hr*
  • Solid color body (all-blue alien, all-green super hero, etc) – aprox 2hrs
  • Solid color body + details (like airbrush muscles, scales, etc)  -aprox 2.5hrs
  • Cats (tigers, cheetahs, etc) – aprox. 2.5hrs
  • Mermaids (legs as scales, with some face or arm details) – aprox 2.5hrs
  • Painted clothes SM (tshirt + shorts) – aprox 2hrs
  • Painted clothes LG (longer sleeves, full-pants) – apron 4hrs
  • ******depends on height, weight, amount of details, etc

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