What To Expect At Your Event with Face Painters, Balloon Twisters, and More!

10419636_717610344962494_2020603589280734525_nYour big day is near! Wondering what you can expect from our face painters, balloon twisters, and other artists at your party? Here’s a pretty quick run-down of how events tend to go when you invite us to your home or venue in CT, MA, or RI. You can always drop us a line if you have any questions!

(Pictured here is our newest Kaleidoscope face painter, Ali! She’s just one of the dozen artists who can make your party perfect.)

  1. Our artists will arrive about 15 minutes early to set up. Say your party is 2-4pm and you’ve hired entertainment. Our face painters set up in less than 5 minutes, and our balloon twisters are even faster! We will start painting the minute your scheduled entertainment starts and not stop until the end. (So no, you’re not paying us for set-up time!) *Just note, that if your large-scale event has a set-up time for vendors or a bigger act like fire performers, a puppet show, or a magician we will always get there much earlier. Just tell us what your needs are!
  2. We don’t need much. Our face painters and caricature artists just need part of a table (or even a small coffee table) to set up and two chairs. Our balloon twisters don’t need anything at all! Other entertainers may need a larger space, but we’ll always discuss that with you before you book.
  3. Relax! Our artists are all professionals, so you don’t have to make sure you keep your daughter’s bangs out of her face or make sure your son knows all the best choices for balloon twisting. Our artists are great at handling kids!
  4. We’ll be working the whole time. If we get through your little guests faster than expected, our artists can move on for a second round of face paint or balloon animals, or move on to adults! We will spend the whole time entertaining, guaranteed.
  5. Need more time? Sometimes (although rarely) parties get way more kids than expected. A few kids and our artists can handle it, but an extra dozen and our artists may ask you to extend their performance. They’ll notify you of how much this would be, but it’s always your call! It’s your party and your rules.
  6. Clean up is a breeze. Our artists will pack up their station only after their time is up (so, if your party is 2-4pm we’ll only begin packing up at 4:01pm). This is when you can pay your remaining balance.

It’s pretty simple! And just in case you were wondering, here are a few quick questions we get asked a lot:

  • Who will my artist be? We can’t always be 100% sure, but we will try give you as advanced notice as we can since we know inviting a stranger into your house can sometimes be a trust exercise. To keep up with our high-demand of entertainment we sometimes have to switch schedules last-minute, but you can feel free to call a few days before and we’ll tell you all about your entertainer!
  • Can we offer your artists food? Only if you want! Our face painters and balloon twisters always appreciate a snack, but they’re also professionals that will always make sure your guests’ entertainment is above anything else.
  • Can we offer your artists a drink? Our artists will never smoke or drink on the job, although we know these offers are always made with great intentions. Thanks for asking, but they want to make sure they do the best work possible! Plus, they probably have to drive to another party right after yours.
  • How can we pay the balance? Cash is easy, or you can write a check to “Kaleidoscope”. If you’d like to pay via credit or debit card, please call our office the day before your party to process the payment since our artists don’t all have the ability to take credit at your event. You can also pay your event in full before the party if it’s easiest for you–just call ahead and we’d love to accommodate!
  • Do we tip artists? Our artists are amazing and gratuity is always appreciated, but we know some budgets don’t allow tipping and for commercial events we know this is impossible. If you can, they’ll appreciate it! If not, you can always call our office and tell us how much you enjoyed them.
  • We loved our artist! Can we request her/him for another party? Of course! We are almost always able to honor these requests, and our artists would love to come back and be part of your special days.