Promotional Body Painting

197363_10150434037285258_73306_nLooking for the most reliable, professional, and impressive face painters, body painters, special FX artists, and other creative entertainers? Kaleidoscope is Southern New England’s only full-service body painting agency which specializes in large-scale business events.

Kaleidoscope specializes in corporate events because, unlike most one-artist-opperation face painting “companies”, we have a team of marketing interns, a full-time corporate customer service staff member, and a huge team of artists with top-notch skills. Our focus isn’t to be the edgiest or most fun face painters, but the most effective at getting the goals of your event or marketing campaign across.

Many, if not most, other face painters and body painters are part-time hobbyists. Ask our competition if they can make any of the above guarantees, and you’ll quickly see why Kaleidoscope is the first choice of businesses of every size.

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