Princesses & Pirates

Our princesses and pirates are a smash hit! Amaze your littlest guests with over-the-top performances by professional actors, singers, and artists.
<strong>What do the princesses and pirates do?</strong> Our actors can face paint, balloon twist, or do temporary tattoos at any event. They also do games, singalong songs, and small performances at private parties. For corporate event they can sing live, perform, or do meet-and-greets with autograph cards. <a href=””>Check out all of our options on our official princess website!</a>

<strong>Which princesses and pirates do you have?</strong> All of them! We have 14 actors on our team and can do over 25 characters, including fairies and mermaids and princes too. Just ask!

<h3>BEST FOR</h3>
<strong>EVENTS</strong> – From small birthday parties to huge ballparks, princesses and pirates are super fun! Generally, because of how involved and fun the activity is, they are great at keeping kids’ attention, so even bringing them to a more grown-up event (like a fundraiser or dinner) is a great way to keep the littlest guests entertained. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>If your event is outside,</span> our princesses and pirates need a 15min break for every 45min they work, and must be in shade at all times during summer for their safety. <a href=””>Talk to someone in our office</a> for more details to make sure every event is safe and enjoyable for everyone there.

<strong>AGE RANGE</strong> – Pirates and Princesses are one of our biggest and most impressive kids-centric activities. Ages 3-9 tend to respond the most, although they’re great from 0-12 years old.

<h3>AS SEEN AT</h3>
<li><a href=””>CocoKeys Water Park</a></li>
<li><a href=””>Once Upon A Child</a>, Danbury, CT</li>
<li><a href=””>Loomis Chaffee School</a>, Windsor, CT</li>
<li><a href=”″>Blue Fish Stadium</a>, Bridgeport</li>
<h3>PRICE RANGE</h3>
Princesses and pirates average $175/hr per performer, but bulk discounts can be applied for any more than 4 entertainers. Each princess or pirate is a 1hr minimum and travel fees may apply.