Night Club & Event Body Painting

Body painting for guests at a festival, night club, or any live event is like face painting for grown ups! Big, fast, impressive, and creative, your guests will share their memories of your event for years to come.


What sort of paints do you use? We use only cosmetic-grade face and body paints–not acrylics, oils, or grease paints. While we do have some waterproof paints available for face painting, we are currently only doing body painting in water-soluble paints.

What designs can the guests pick from?  Most of our clients prefer us to limit designs to custom-created, abstract pieces. Our favorite selections are the guests’ name in graffiti letters, tattoo-type tribal pieces, swirley-culry henna-inspired designs, and bold geometric designs. We can, of course, accommodate any other number of requests.

How fast do you paint? For the pieces above, we can create up to 10 chest, arm, or leg designs per hour.

Will you pay for a space, and charge my guests instead? Because of the overwhelmingly high demand for our body painters, we are only taking prepaid events and are no longer buying booth space.


EVENTS – Body paint is a hit with any laid-back party. Night clubs, festivals, large parties, bars, bike rallys, concerts, or anywhere else people want to have a ton of fun and try something new!

AGES – Unless you want to set perimeters for where guests can get painted, body painting is suitable for adult-only parties. If you’re looking to throw a tween or teen party with body painting, we can limit our designs to arms or face/neck without a problem.



Body painting is $135/hr per artist or live events with a 1.5hr minimum. A travel fee may apply.