Halloween Body Painting Costume Ideas

Think body painting for Halloween might be cool, but aren’t really sure what costume to pick? Here are a few places to start when assembling your halloween body painting costume:

972157_538637712859759_1297460734_n1. Be Super

Forget skimpy skirts–you can make your Halloween costume way sexier with body paint. Captain America: Winter Soldier, XMen: Days of Future Past, and The Amazing Spiderman 2 were some of the top grossing movies in 2014, and super-hero-mania isn’t going anywhere. For an original take on a popular costume idea, consider getting getting body painted as your favorite Marvel or DC character and turn heads with your Halloween costume!

2. Go Disney

Our princess performers are super popular, and with Malificent and Frozen still some of the most popular movies from the last year, pick your favorite Disney hero or villain and go to town.  Your halloween body painting idea doesn’t have to be the most original–something a popular image done in a new and unique way can mean large cash prizes at whatever party you attend, since not only can everyone recognize it, but their jaws are dropping. Guaranteed someone else will be there, and guaranteed you will wear it better.

3. Let out your inner 80’s 90’s kid

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Legos, and My Little Pony are back. Let your body painter take your retro costume idea and transform you into the toys you loved as a kid and everyone is reliving today.

4. Zombie mash-up.

Do the monster mash! Everyone will be a zombie this year (again), so why not be Zombie Superman? A zombie Stormtrooper? Zombie Mystique? Zombie Robocop? Zombie Lego Batman? Mash up your costume for another recognizable but original Halloween body paint costume idea.

5. ROAR!

Animal costumes are sexy and fun. They’re popular every year, and for a lot of people it’s a bucket-list item. Go cheetah or tiger, or try something weird like a toucan or koala. Have fun! Halloween only comes once a year.


Bonus: Don’t forget that face painting is often a better halloween costume idea for kids than masks!