Face Painting: How Hard Can It Be?

Kaleidoscope’s staff is full of art-nerds. Like, we-dream-about-face-paint nerds. Go-out-to-dinner-together-so-we-can-talk-about-balloon-twisting dorks. So, naturally, our friends send us anything they see online that has to do with face painting or body painting! Today we were sent this article today by Alex Iwashyna: an awesome mom who loved face painting and wondered, “how hard can it be?” Here’s an excerpt of Alex’s post:

IMG_3623-590x652Over the last year my kids have had their face’s painted at a variety of places and twenty minutes later look amazing.

So with a set of overinflated egos, Scott and I decided to buy face paint from CVS. Armed with our motto “How hard can it be?” we set the expectations high and the paint palette on the kitchen table.

My daughter begged to be a puppy dog. My artistic husband did a little googling and set to work. A man-beard later, we were at an impasse. Daughter-not-looking-at-all-like-a-dog-after-sitting-for-quite-some-time impasse. Scott threw in a tongue.

The photo on the left is our favorite, but you can see more and read Alex’s play-by-play on her blog. Her results are pretty funny, and we love her spirit! (Remember: making mistakes means you’re trying something new! Her article left us smiling, and we’re thankful for adventurous people like her!) Alex, we would love to face paint for your family any day!

And for the record, all of Kaleidoscope’s artists either have their bachelor’s in art or are pursuing it. Yes: our face painters, caricature artists, and balloon twisters are all trained illustrators, mural painters, sculptors, or art teachers! Even our princesses and clowns hold teaching degrees! Plus, all of our artists go to monthly skills workshops to keep getting better at entertaining you kids.

If you’re looking for a face painter, balloon twister, caricature artist, or party entertainer in the CT or MA area, get a free quote from Kaleidoscope!