Costume Body Painting

984174_533230076733856_1571704880_nNow taking pre-appointments for body painting and special fx cosplay costumes at Connecticonn, Hartford Comic Con, Horror Fest, Connecticut ComicConn, Boston ComicConn, Anime Boston, and RI ComicConn! (And if there are others that we missed in Southern New England, we will probably do those too!)
Because every character is wildly different (Mystique and a Cylon have roughly nothing in common) we can send you a firm quote of what your idea would cost if you fill out the quote form. But for now, here are a few ideas:
Body Paint
  • Single-color airbrush body painting: $75 (limbs/face only) $120 (whole body)
  • Several-color airbrush body painting (ex: orange tiger with white stomache) $95 (limbs/face only) $140 (whole body)
  • Waterproof body art: add $50
  • add muscle definition: $25
  • add painted texture (scales, fur, spots, stripes): $50-70
  • custom projects: TBD
Special FX
  • bald cap: $100
  • custom prosthetics (horns, scales, wounds, etc): $25-150
  • application of pre-purchased prosthetics: $30-50
  • assorted wounds & blood: $35+
  • facial hair laying: $50
  • aging or theatre makeup: $50
  • special projects: TBD