Airbrush Tattoos

11149347_915403395149579_7016691951127009457_nAirbrush tattoos like you’ve never seen them before! Multi-laywered stencils create jaw-dropping, film-quality, realistic tattoos of all sizes. From small wrist tattoos to full sleeves, our Tattoo Pro system will have everyone’s jaws dropping!

Planning a bigger event, and need to move through a ton of people? Just say the world–small-but-bold airbrush tattoos look like realistic tribal and our artists can do up to 30 an hour.


How are they applied? Using an airbrush and stencils, we spray an alcohol-based cosmetic onto the client’s skin, then set with powder. Our black tribal tattoos are a one-stencil system; our Tattoo Pro series involve 2-4 stencils placed on top of each other. The best part is that no matter which system you go with, they look super realistic!

Are they safe? Because the paint is alcohol-based, it would sting your eyes! We don’t apply it to any faces, but other than that it is safe to go on skin and contains no allergens. (Please note, they are slightly perfumed, so anyone with a perfume allergy should notify our artists.)tribal-black-ink-airbrush-tattoo

Can you create custom stencils? Yes we can! We need up to two months notice, however, for custom stencil cutting orders.

How long do they last? Airbrush tattoos can get wet and last up to a week. To remove, use rubbing alcohol or just submerge and scrub.


EVENTS – Because stencils are so quickly put on, airbrush tattoos are a great take-away for large events. Face painting or caricatures are more intimate because the artist takes more time on each client, but airbrush tattoos are perfect for corporate events or fundraisers where the numbers matter.

AGES – If you want to entertain toddlers or infants (the machine can look like a shot to little ones) or you’re having a short event. Besides that, kids 5 and up usually love them. This is also one of the best ways to do “take-away entertainment” for adults (where the adults get to take something home) because of how popular and fast they are.


11377077_937423222947596_6025659868429425114_nPRICE RANGE

Airbrush tattoos come in at two price ranges.

For our normal tribal tattoos, artists are $135/hr each for a minimum of 1.5hrs. (That’s enough time to get through about 30.)

For color tribal tattoos or Tattoo Pro systems, each artist is $150/hr. (That’s enough to get through 25 tribal color tattoos or 10-12 Tattoo Pro pieces.) Travel fees may apply.