Fire or LED? What’s the Difference

Fire and LED flow performances have some similarities as well as differences. Here are the similarities and differences to help you decide which to have at your event.


  • Both fire and LED flow performances are 15 minutes long and are a mixture of different skills (bo staff, hoops, poi, etc)
  • They cost the same!
  • They can both be performed outdoors
  • They both have a special effect almost hypnotic look to them


  • Fire performances can only be done outdoors on private property with written permission
  • LED performances can be done indoors as well as outdoors
  • Fire shows come with a fire assistant
  • Fire can be switched to LED in case event needs to be moved indoors or written permission cannot be obtained.
  • Fire includes Hoops, Fan, Poi, and Bo staff
  • LED includes Hoops & Poi only