Circus Party Food

Throwing a circus themed party but have no clue what kinds of food to serve to tie your theme together? Well you came to right place. Theme parties can be a little difficult when it comes to food but it doesn’t have to be.  When it comes to circus themed parties, there are some snacks and foods that are just must haves because they’re what people associate with the theme. But if for whatever reason, be it dietary or just a case of preference, there are many mundane dishes you can dress up to make fit your theme.

Lets start off with some classic circus/carnival foods and snacks:

Pop corncircus-party-10Pink_Cotton_Candy

cotton candy

hot dogs

corn dogs


Candy apples.candy-434734_960_720

Mundane things you can make circus:

Circus animal cookies

Clown/ animal decorated cupcakes

Circus theme decorated cake

Fruit cups – for a healthier alternative

Pig in a blanket