Circus Party 101

If you’re here then you’re interested in having a circus themed party/event. It all seems and is fairly simple but like with a themed parties and event every detail counts to make it a successful themed party. I’m here to help you work out some of those details and make your party planning easier.


Depending on who the party is for, you can go with a classic circus color scheme litent streamer ke red and white, or add in black for a darker Gothic themed circus.  And if you don’t want to go the classic route, you can make it more colorful with a rainbow color scheme.

Streamers are a good way to decorate for both outdoor and indoor parties. Carry your color scheme and design into your food and drink containers, cupcake papers, entertainment costuming, table wraps, etc.

Foodcircus food

To most circus food can be synonymous to carnival food. Based guest preferences and food lifestyle choices there’s a wide variety of foods and snacks you can have to keep everyone happy. Examples are popcorn, cotton candy, peanut brittle, and various other mundane foods you can make to fit your theme. For a detailed list of examples see my post on circus themed foods


Your venue is decorated, food is all set, now what’s left is how to keep your guests entertained. Granted some people might have a conversation or two with each other but to make your event one to remember you might need more than small talk. Keeping guests entertained with circus style activities ties the whole party together.preview stilts

Here are some simple yet crowd wowing entertainment and activities you can have at your circus themed party.

Clowns – come to mind when you think of a circus entertainment. They’re colorful, silly and fun. You can hire a clown for your party and most usually come packaged with face painting,  balloon twisting, juggling, etc.

Stilts –  Are a fun addition to a circus performance. Tall people who can greet guests as they arrive at your parties before they see anything else at your event. Can also be coupled with face painting, balloon twisting, juggling or just plain handing out goodie bags.

Unicycles- If stilts aren’t your thing, Unicycles can be a good option. Nothing like a clown riding a unicyclepreview fire performers while juggling to give your party the perfect circus feel .

All things Fire – Fire spitting/eating/hooping/ juggling, etc are all great entertainment ideas if you are looking for
something less kiddie and more cirque couture. Nonetheless, Fire performances can be enjoyed by all ages.

Magic – Fun for all ages, there are different levels of magic acts you can request for your party from basic card tricks to bending reality illusions.

Contortionist – They’re quirky and oddly pleasing to the eye with their gravity defying acts.

Aerialist –  A classic part of circus arts granted you will need a bigger venue that has to be indoors to utilize this form of entertainment.

These are just a few examples of possible entertainment you could hire. At this point you have your decorations, food and entertainment all sorted out, now it’s time to just enjoy your party and give your guests an event they will be talking about for weeks to come.

Let me know in the comments if I forgot anything. Happy party planning!